What Travel Rewards Cards are Offering 2% Back on Perks and Rewards in 2017

You should get a travel rewards credit card if you regularly travel to many different countries every year. This will help you to earn rewards points that can be used to pay for some of your travel expenses. The following are the top 3 travel rewards cards that offer 2% cash back in 2017.

1. Chase Sapphire Preferred

Chase Sapphire Preferred offers two types of rewards for customers including signup bonus and general rewards program. The signup bonus gives customers an opportunity to redeem a $625 travel voucher when they spend $4,000 on the card. Kiplinger Personal Finance has ranked Chase Sapphire Preferred as the best credit card for travel rewards redemption in July 2016.

In the general rewards program, you get to earn 2x points for every $1 spent on travel and dining and 1x point on every $1 spent on other purchases. Points can be transferred to airline and the hotels. The value of the point redemption increases by 25% when you redeem the points in travel category including air tickets, hotel accommodation and cruises.

2. Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite

Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite is offering 50,000 signup bonus points to rewards customers who spend $3,000 in 90 days. Previously, the signup bonus points is only 40,000 points. Every single dollar that you spend is eligible to earn 2x rewards points regardless of the shopping category. In order to redeem your rewards points, you must accumulate at least 10,000 points.

Every 10,000 points that you have accumulated is equivalent to $100. The annual fee is waived during the first year. You are exempted from paying the $89 annual fee in the first year. It offers up to 120 days for you to use the rewards points to redeem discount on travel expenses such as airport parking, amusement ticket and bus tickets.

3. Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card provides a one time signup bonus of 40,000 miles when you have spent $3,000 in 3 months. The 40,000 miles signup bonus can be used to pay up to $400 of travel expenses. Every dollar that you spend will earn you 2x miles. In the first year, the annual fee is $0 but you will get charged $59 for the annual fee in the following year. The card offers the added benefit for not charging the foreign transaction fee.

Some of the things that you can redeem with the rewards points are car rental, hotel, air tickets and train tickets. It does not force you to book your trip through a portal. The rewards points will be credited to your account no matter which site you book your travel tickets. There is no time limit on redemption of the travel rewards points. It offers features such as fraud coverage, emergency card, complimentary concierge, car rental insurance and extended warranty.

Numerous Advantages For Lending Offers Make Credit Unions Popular With Consumers

If you are in the market today for a personal loan, you want the best interest rate and terms that match your financial habits and lifestyle. You never have to overpay for a personal loan, or feel boxed into taking a personal loan whose terms you do not agree with. This is where it really pays to do an exhaustive search online, or use our website to look for reputable lenders whose lending criteria matches your credit history.

When you rate shop your credit score will take a slight dip. This is due to the hard inquiries that will appear on your credit history. Yet most people do not know that if you cluster a bunch of them within a few days apart they will not hurt you as much, since credit scoring models take into account rate shopping. When credit scoring models such as FICO and Vantage see several inquiries within only a few days apart they automatically know you are shopping around for the perfect loan, so those inquires hold less weight in total. Now if you space these inquires out by a week or more each, then they will individually hurt your credit score. The lesson here is when you are ready for a loan and rate shopping, get it all done within a few days apart, so that your credit score stays intact.

You also have another option besides a personal loan, if your credit is good. If you have an excellent credit score, you could go apply for a credit card that has a long interest free introductory period. Even if you need cash and cannot fund the purchase or expense you need, if the credit limit is high enough, you can do some cash advances. Of course going the cash advance route could take a few days to withdraw the needed amount if the credit card has a limit on cash advances. One tip I have used to skirt these limits is to simply call the credit card company and explain my need for cash, why I need the cash and ask for the limits to be lifted. More often than not they will work with you on this, especially for legitimate needs.

Your excellent credit always opens up doors for you. Credit unions and banks alike will offer you generous terms that people with lesser credit could never obtain. The secret to finding the best rate is to search online. Make use of any lenders that offer to pre-screen you for interest rates. These lenders will give you an offer interest rate, simply using a soft inquiry. As long as you have no nasty recent hidden surprises on your credit report, the offered interest rate should be on target. There are many online lenders who specialize in lending to people with excellent credit scores, and these lenders will offer not only generous interest rates, but also loan terms that you can live with. As always if you are secure with your abilty to repay your loan, and you should be secure in that fact if you have excellent credit, you can look for a secured loan for even more interest savings. Of course you would need to use property or an auto as collateral, but the money you save on interest can be put towards making more money, allowing you to leverage every dollar you have the right way.

Rare Tornado Rips Through Revere, MA Causing Massive Devastation

Residents of the seaside city of Revere, Massachusetts have been working around the clock since Monday morning, cleaning up after a rare EF2 tornado touched down there and did a substantial amount of damage. Revere, a city of over 50,000 is located just a few minutes from downtown Boston.

The tornado struck Monday morning just after 9am and came without warning. Many residents reported that they thought strong winds from a thunderstorm was what was causing trees to come down and debris to fly about. It was nothing short of a miracle that no one was killed by the powerful tornado that spent about 5 minutes on the ground, leaving a path of destruction that was 3/8 of a mile wide.

The tornado packed winds of about 120 miles per hour as it plummeted Revere. Many trees were uprooted and numerous large limbs fell, crushing homes, businesses and a countless number of vehicles. The twister did serious damage to dozens of homes and sent large sections of guardrails flying through the air. While it is still too soon to put a dollar figure on the damage done in Revere, insurers were going door to door Tuesday, helping affected residents tally up their losses.

Throughout the day Monday and all of Tuesday, work crews have been working on hauling large trees into chippers. Meanwhile residents and business owners have been busy picking up debris and sweeping up broken glass. In many parts of Revere, the destruction left behind by the powerful tornado resembles a war zone. There are large pieces of roofs laying about as well as a whole lot of debris. In addition to the tornado damage, the city of Revere also had some flood damage done as the thunderstorm that spawned the twister dumped 2 inches of rain. There was four feet of standing water in some parts of the city which submerged many vehicles.

Residents of Revere reported that the tornado seemed to have come out of nowhere as there was no warning. Many people reported that the twister sounded like a freight train or a bomb when it plowed through the community, ripping trees out of the ground and tearing roofs off buildings. The cleanup effort in Revere is expected to last for several days as there is a lot of work to be done.

Tornadoes are rare in Massachusetts. The tornado that wreaked havoc on Revere was the first tornado to touch down in Suffolk County since the 1950s. As of Tuesday night, most major roads in the Revere area have been cleared of debris and reopened. However, many side streets are still closed due to widespread debris. The Fire Chief of Revere said Tuesday that he expects the number of homes officially damaged by the tornado to exceed 100 as inspections go on. A shelter has been opened in the city for anyone needing it.

Make Sure Your Insurance Coverage Manages Your Risk From Tornadoes and Hurricanes

For most people, their home or business will be their biggest investment in life. Home owners insurance protects your investment, but many people have questions when it comes to picking out a property insurance plan. Here are some important facts and information about insurance policies and coverage for your property. We will also examine the various add on and riders that offer you additional protections for the risks and perils that standard property insurance does not cover such as special flood and hurricane policies.

The first step in picking out the right insurance policy for you is to pick out a policy that ensures your home for at least 100% of its estimated replacement cost. To do this, get a professional estimate for the replacement cost of your home, then select a coverage amount that suits your needs. it should be noted that the replacement cost if vastly different that the market value of a property. The market value of a property is the cost a buyer pays for the home and the land it sits on. It does not factor in current labor costs, materials costs, the homes purchase cost, not does it include the value of the land that the house sits on. For insurance policies, replacement cost is simply the expenses and cost to repair or replace the entire home following some peril such as a fire which heavily damaged or destroyed the home.

Replacement costs do not factor in any of these:

* The cost of the building at the time of purchase.
* The market value of home.
* Any outstanding mortgage loans, property liens or second mortgages on the property.
* The cost of the land itself.

To obtain the replacement cost of your home, you can consult with your local home builder association or a reliable home construction company for an estimate that factors in currant labor costs and material costs. If you are in the process of buying a new home, you can ask for the replacement cost estimate when you have the property appraised. You can also ask your insurance company for assistance in determining the right coverage amount.

Every few years you should get the replacement cost of your home reassessed. There are many factors that can raise or lower the cost of replacing your home. Market conditions in your neighborhood or geographical location can affect the cost of replacing your home. Replacement costs are influenced by the cost of labor, labor demands as well as the cost of building materials in your geographical location, and these factors tend to change at least every 5 years. Inflation even has an effect on the replacement cost, and certain factors can raise that rate, such as severe weather and natural disasters in your geographical location which would increase the cost of labor and materials.


– image source, http://extremecleanupservice.com

Besides regular property insurance you may want to consider additional coverage such a flood policy. Home owners insurance will not cover flood damage, and the United States has been seeing a record amount of property damage due to floods. Flood insurance is affordable with the average premium for a flood policy in the U.S. priced around $540 a year, according to the National Flood Insurance Program.

Many insurance companies are now excluding any hurricane damage claims. You can however buy Hurricane Insurance. hurricane insurance costs will vary greatly in cost based on geographical location, age, condition of your home as well as other factors. If you live in a hurricane prone state such as Texas, Florida and Louisiana, you may want to consider this coverage to fully protect your investment. The annual premium cost for a property insured for $150,000 can be as low as $3,000 and would fully cover your property in the event of hurricane damage.